The Expert Mile Webinar Series


Insights from key industry leaders on best practices
to prepare for peak season.

Host: Bill Teller, COO, Advatix

Guest Speaker: Mike Swartz, (Ex-Amazon, Instacart) CEO, deHaven Group, LLC

June 2, 2022

For supply chain, retail and eCommerce industries, Peak Season is one of the most demanding phases of the year. While the period serves as an opportunity for business growth and maximization, it is also the biggest test of business’ systems, processes, and efficiencies (or lack thereof).

Our latest webinar with Peak Season experts and operators Mike Swartz, deHaven Group, LLC CEO & Bill Teller, Advatix COO, explores how retail and eCommerce businesses can prepare for and ensure success during the Peak Season madness.

Watch now to:
  • Learn how to Predict and plan for increased customer demand
  • Ensure you have the right capacity you need for peak to fulfill the high volume
  • Explore practices that you can adopt for a successful peak season
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