The Expert Mile Webinar Series

Logistics in Times of Uncertainty

Navigating logistics in these unprecedented pandemic times

Host: Sam Vahie, President & CCO, Advatix

Guest Speaker: Mike Indresano (Ex-Amazon, Walmart, and FedEx), Chief Business Officer, The FRONTdoor Collective

April 28, 2022

In these current times, the global supply chain has become valuable but not stable, courtesy of constant changes in the way the industry functions due to the pandemic. Besides the fact that it has led to soaring freight costs and supply delays, the new normal has also induced semiconductor shortages, reductions in the supply of basic raw materials, and whatnot!

As challenges increase with no end in sight, companies must be prepared for everything in their capacity for procurement, production, and logistics planning. Our latest webinar - Logistics in Times of Uncertainty - navigates through how to mitigate the business impact by anticipating disruptions and ensuring you have plans in place to keep operating efficiently and effortlessly.

Watch now to:
  • Know how to prepare for unanticipated crises
  • Manage the information flow efficiently to avoid communication gaps
  • Work towards eliminating delays and inflation
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